Course Objective:
WiFi course provides detailed description of 802 wireless LAN standards. It will also cover basic for the wireless comunucation.

What you will learn:
You will learn the different standards associated with WiFi technology. WiFi Architecture in depth with future of Wifi discussion.

Course Outline:

  • What is WiFi?
  • WiFi Introduction
  • Overview of 802.11 Networks
  • 802.11 MAC
  • 802.1X
  • Architecture
  • Physical Layer
  • Physical layer architecture
  • Radio link
  • What is RF?
  • Principles of RF propagation
  • RF Design
  • RF in 802.11
  • The 802.11 standard
  • History of 802.11
  • RF Deployments
  • WiFi in Operation
  • WiFi network design
  • Future of WiFi

Course Information

Course Instructor

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