This training will give you extensive insight to the world of Internet of Things. As you progress through the training you will work on the following projects:

  •  Environment monitoring application which senses the changes in light intensity
    and movement of people in a room
  •  A smartphone app to evacuate your premise in case of an emergency like fire, earthquake,
    terror attack
  • Web-based monitoring system
  • App-based light dimme
  •  Sensor data based trigger
  • Smart alerts and social media of things

Following are the detailed table of contents of the training:

1. IoT Introduction & BOLT: You will learn the key concepts of BOLT IoT and data visualization
● Introduction: IoT
● The Thing: Part 1
● Hardware kit components
● BOLT Iot Module
● Registering on BOLT
● Adding your first BOLT device
● Building your first product
● Data Visualization
● Visualizing light data
● Type of charts
● Coding for visual graphs
● Gauge type charts

2. Building Web Apps: Study about basic of HTML and Javascript. Learn how use the BOLT
to collect data and controlling hardware.
● Basics of HTML
● Basics of Javascript
● Remote API on BOLT
● LED Control
● Home automation I
● Remote alarm system
● Reading digital switch
● Home automation II

3. Building real world apps: Learn about interfacing hardware control with
interactive applications
● Creating VPS
● Python basics
● Controlling lights with Python
● Obstacle detection
● Reading sensor data
● Intruder alarm notification system
● Energy saving system
● Windows with twitter
● Facebook Punch in Punch out system

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