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H & B Computer Education is the top-most institute for hardware and networking training in Ahmedabad. Situated at the heart of the city, the institute is accessible for everyone and runs numerous job-oriented training programs and our hardware and networking training in Ahmedabad is ideal for candidates who are passionate about a prosperous career in IT Industry. Our training faculty is highly experienced, qualified and committed to their profession. Practical experience is the prime importance in this sector and thus we stress on practical exposure while conducting training sessions. Enroll your names and become certified IT experts for a lucrative career.

PC Assembly & Hardware Maintenance  

  • PC Environment (Architecture and Components)
  • Motherboards, Processor and Hardware Organization
  • Interface adapters & Peripherals
  • Memory types and Storage devices (Identification and Installation)
  • Safety, care and handling
  • Power Supply & UPS
  • PC assembly and setup
  • Verifying the assembly procedure
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

Software Installation & Upgrades

  • Identifying pre-requisite (Hardware, File system, Partitioning, Formatting, etc..)
  • Installation of Operating System (Windows-XP and Linux-Fedora)
  • Upgrading (Service packs and Kernel)
  • Installation of Applications software and Utility software (Virus guards etc..)
  • Recovery procedures (Uninstalling, Use of recovery disk, Backup procedures)
  • Software Maintenance (Removing, Temporary files, Disk maintanance etc..)
  • Troubleshooting


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