Graphics Designing Training In Ahmedabad Makes You Ready To Rule The World of Visual Communication

H & B Computer Education provides the most advanced graphics designing training in Ahmedabad. We are a reputed training institution well equipped with experienced and qualified trainers, advanced labs and has included real-world projects and practical assignments typical of the graphic design industry today. Our graphic designing training in Ahmedabad helps students to master the complete elements of graphic designing which enable them to fulfill the visual communication requirements of any enterprise they join in the future. Our training guarantees 100% job placement.

Design Principles:

This module gives the student an understanding to the elements & principles of design. The students will learn different graphic elements – lines, form, texture, etc. Students will become familiar with the visual language. Through this module student will be able understand the different design principles.

Drawing & color Techniques:

This module will introduce students to drawing techniques. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment with various drawing skills and art media. This module also provides an understanding and importance use of color for design. Students will discover the principles, attributes, dimensions, harmonies and phenomena of color. By understanding color from a social, cultural and psychological context, students can thus manipulate colors in their design.

Page layout:

This module will help student develops basic principles that guide the form and function of the printed page; Students will also be taught how various elements combine to make a successful layout, using words and images to communicate ideas effectively.


This course will provide student with knowledge through practical exercises to enable them to use the fundamental concepts and principles in the use of typographic design.

Digital & Applied Illustration:

This module will introduce the techniques for creating digital illustrations through the application of two dimensional vector images. Using design tools, student can apply it on projects such as book covers, film/event posters, album covers, packaging, advertising, magazines covers etc.

Image Processing:

This module will teach the techniques of image editing. Using a design tool, students will improve their photo editing and retouching technique and produce complex digital images, exploring technical and aesthetic aspects of the image manipulation processes most commonly used in the visual communication industry.

Packaging Design:

Packaging Design will introduce students to materials and processes related to forms for packaging. Through understanding the appearances of various packing materials & qualities of the products, students will be able produce various solutions.

Advertising Design:

This module gives detailed knowledge of Advertising Design from its origins to its development as a modern marketing communication tool. The importance will primarily be on introducing students to strategic design by means of research and development.


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